Keeping a regular check on your Yahoo inbox is a great way to keep the communication alive. This makes sure that you won't miss any information. The process of checking email inbox varies to some extent depending on whether the user of Yahoo is using Yahoo mail account on websites or mobile devices.

So when it comes to checking an inbox on your Yahoo mail app and on websites, just follow the given below instructions.

Steps to check your inbox using the Yahoo Mail App:

  • The simplest and quickest way to keep an eye on your email on a mobile device is to download and install the free Yahoo Mail app.
  • You need to download and install the app from an app store.
  • After that login to account using Yahoo email and linked password.
  • Then you need to tap the three-line Menu icon for loading app's main menu.
  • Finally, touch inbox for opening your inbox.

Instructions for checking account inbox via using the Yahoo website:

  • You need to tap the Mail icon of the Yahoo home page.
  • Then after you need to log in using Yahoo Mail username & linked password.
  • Lastly, tap for loading your inbox.

Implement these steps as now you will never miss the important emails of a client, colleague or friend. if you have any doubt, you can get linked with a certified Yahoo tech professional and can sort out the issue with complete ease.

Now the question arises how to delete Spam messages? So here are the steps that will surely guide you in deleting the Spam messages.

Directives for deleting Spam Messages from your Yahoo mail box:

  • An account has an ability to detect spam and automatically send it to Spam folder instead of an account Inbox.
  • In case you receive any spam messages, you can immediately remove them by checking the boxes.
  • You need to also click the Spam button on the navigation bar for moving them to the Spam folder.
  • In case of reporting the message to Yahoo, tap the arrow and select one of the choices.
  • And now you can report a message as Spam.

With the assistance of the step by step instructions, dial Yahoo Phone Number for live chat and delete Spam messages.